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The **COVID** holiday

Well the holidays are upon us! Is anyone else feeling at a loss of how to move through these traditionally warm and lovely times?!

At the Bakery we are working away to make sure we are prepared for whatever this holiday season may bring. We will be attending the Holiday Market, usually a full Saturday and Sunday affair held INSIDE at the fair grounds. This year will be quite different, just Saturdays outside where the current Saturday market happens (8th & Oak). You can find our Holiday Offerings at our Storefront, ONLINE, and at our Retailers throughout Oregon.

With COVID cases continuing to rise in our state, and in lane county, its possible that gatherings might be very limited. With that in mind, my kiddos and I have come up with a list of what to do to bring joy this holiday season:

  1. 1. EAT ALL THE FOODS. They suggest maple syrup with all meals (we *may* have watched a bit of Elf..), even in the case of having just your immediate family for the big meal! Make usual portions so you can freeze the meal for future enjoyment!
  2. We will be having- Turkey, Mashed potatoes and Gravy, Stuffing, Brussel Sprouts with Bacon, Warmed Brie with Pepper Jelly and Baguette, and of Course PIE! Each kiddo has requested a different type (Pecan, Pumpkin and Cheesecake) but whipped cream is sure to accompany them all.
  3. 2. MAKE CARDS OF TURKEYS OUT OF YOUR HANDPRINT. This is a family favorite, and can be a great activity to kill time (those are the only activities my family is interested in these never ending days at home).
  4. 3. GET OUTSIDE. We will be taking several strolls around the neighborhood to gather some of the fall bounty, leaves from this time of year are just gorgeous! and can be the perfect table decorations for kids to spend time making.
  5. 4. CALL OR FACETIME FAMILY & FRIENDS. This has become the new normal during these times, and seeing faces of loved ones is a great moment, even if it’s short.
  6. 5. TICKLE FIGHT. Okay the kids insisted on me including this, they also like asking Alexa to play fart sounds…..

All jokes aside, We hope that you and yours will be safe and able to find joy in some small moments this Holiday Season. I will post more photos of food and recipes soon!

This is a throwback to Thanksgiving 2016, enjoying the spoils of pumpkin pie

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